Volunteer Opportunities

We're currently looking for people to join the various working groups that are working on different aspects of the Forum. You can sign up by filling out the form below, contacting us, or by signing up at one of our events or meetings.

There will be other opportunities for volunteering coming up as we get closer to the main Forum dates.

Sign-Up to Volunteer for ASF

Working Groups: Which working group(s) would you like to volunteer with?

Works to reduce barriers to participation such as financial, physical, cultural, gendered, regional, age, etc.

Provides outreach, promotions, networking with other Social Forums, internet services.

Solicits and coordinates the Forum sessions, and sets the schedule.

Arranges and coordinates recording and publishing of the Forum content, and the organizing of the Forum. Possibly some of the lead up events & meetings, too.

Coordinates involvement of Edmonton-based Forum organizers.

Handles funding applications, recruits sponsors, manages finances.

Coordinates the various logistical aspects of the Forum (location, accommodation, equipment, transportation, etc.).

Coordinates events apart from the Forum (lead-up events, fundraisers, follow-up, etc.)

Supports the involvement and work of volunteers.

What sorts of things you can offer as a volunteer.