About the Alberta Social Forum

The Alberta Social Forum, 2005, will be a weekend festival, building on the success of the first Alberta Social Forum which was held in Edmonton, October 2003.

The intent is to create a forum for all Albertans who are opposed to neoliberal globalization and oppression of all kinds and who are searching for just, sustainable, humane and peaceful alternatives on a local, provincial and global level.

It is also an opportunity for individuals, social movements, social organizations and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to identify common goals and to develop strategies for concerted action around the province.

The guiding spirit of the Alberta Social Forum is rooted in diversity, participation, inclusiveness and pluralism.


We organize in accordance with the World Social Forum Charter of Principles.

We use an open and transparent process, publicly posting all documentation associated with our organizing (except for confidential information like people's home phone numbers, etc.).

You can review our meeting minutes, and other documentation, in the "Files" section of our planning email group. [Note that you might need a free Yahoo login to access that section.]

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  • [PDF] asf-about.pdf: About the Alberta Social Forum and the World Social Forum.


World Social Forum Charter of Principles.

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See our Contact page for information on how to get in touch with us.